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The Kamerar 11" Tough Friction Arm is a new edition of the popular range of Friction Arms aka Magic Arms with new durable and heavy duty design. The Tough Friction Arm has be re-designed and improved every section of it to supersede the quality of other existing arms on the market.


  • The stainless steel accents and black anodised finish provide both a professional aesthetic and extremely long lasting durable finish. The Friction Arm is the ultimate tool/accessory to get your DSLR configured exactly the way you want it. It enables you to custom mount your DSLR rig accessories e.g LED lights, LCD monitors, microphone, Audio Mixers etc.
  • The three independent joints allow you to quickly change it's position with a single locking knob. Between the locking knob is a thrust bearing that assists to make locking easier, and stronger.
  • The middle joint uses specially patterned teeth that locks into place preventing slippage from even the heaviest loads. An o-ring prevents contaminants keeping the Kamerar 'Tough' Friction Arms working smoothly.
  • The ball joints are made from durable Stainless steel with a specially micro textured surface to increase grip rate by more than 36% above other similar products on the market.


  • 11" Long (28cm)
  • 2 x Ball Joins
  • Locking knob
  • 1/4-20" male threaded stud on each side or hot shoe mount on one side 

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11" Tough Stainless Steel Friction Arm Kamerar


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