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MICROplate™ is made for slim-body camera users that require a quick-release plate with a very small footprint to avoid obstruction of the lens or battery compartment. MICROplate™ is ARCA-type compatible, slides into Capture® in 2 directions and has 1 loop for hand straps or Micro Anchors™. Machined/anodized construction. 


Note: Many compact-mirrorless and point-and-shoot cameras will work just fine with our other quick-release plates and do not require a MICROplate.
Based on the experiences of our customers, we specifically recommend MICROplate for the following brands & models: Sony NEX series cameras, Nikon 1 series cameras, Canon EOS M, Olympus PENs, and in general any camera with a body slimmer than 25mm.

  • Small footprint for small cameras - Certain compact-mirrorless and slim-body cameras have lens barrels that can extend below the bottom of the camera body, battery compartments very close to the tripod mount or very slim bodies with not enough gripping space for a standard quick-release plate. MICROplate lets you use these smaller cameras more easily with Capture.
  • ARCA®-type tripod compatible - The MICROplate™ fits into nearly any ARCA®-type tripod head in 2 directions.
  • 2-direction compatibility with Capture® - Slides into Capture® in 2 directions, and is compatible with any Capture® unit ever built.
  • Professional quality materials & construction - the plate is made of anodized, CNC-machined aluminum. It’s weatherproof, resistant to scratches, and the smooth finish glides in and out of Capture® effortlessly.
  • D-Ring connection screw - All of our PROplates™ feature a D-ring connection screw with a 4mm hex drive. The hex drive enables secure connection and the D-ring lets you attach the plate to a sling-style strap.
  • Durable, twist resistant pad - The bright red injection molded pad will prevent the plate from twisting when connected to your camera, and gives the plate a sleek, unique look.
  • Hand strap & Micro Anchor™ loop - MICROplate™ has 1 heavy-duty loop for connecting to hand straps or Peak Design Micro Anchors™.
  • Lifetime guarantee - like Capture, the MICROplate™ comes with a lifetime guarantee on all parts


  • Weight: 0.8 oz (22 g)
  • Packed Weight: 1.2 oz (32 g)
  • Size: 1.7 in (4.3 cm) x 1.2 in (2.9 cm) x 0.6 in (1.5 cm)

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Peak Design MICROplate 2-way ARCA compatible PROplate for Capture v2



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Main Features

  • ARCA®-type tripod compatible
  • 2-direction compatibility with Capture
  • Professional quality materials & construction
  • D-Ring connection screw
  • Durable, twist resistant pad

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