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This lightstand is constructed of steel for an excellent balance of light weight portability and solid heavy duty support.


  • Spring cushioning protects your light from jarring or impact when levers are released.
  • Removable 15mm standard sized top spigot, which is suitable for all studio flashes. (The spigot has a 3/8" thread at one end and 1/4" thread at the other end)
  • The spigot can be easily and quickly reversed.
  • Can be swapped for a stud/wingnut spigot to be used on backdrop support systems to support cross bar.
  • Max height 2800mm
  • Folded height 1000mm
  • 3 section, 35mm, 30mm, 25mm, leg 22mm
  • Net weight: 2510g
  • Load Capacity: 6kg - 8kg

Optional: one stud/wingnut $8 

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Light Stand Steel Heavy Duty (Stand288)


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Main Features

  • Spring cushion protects mounted light from jarring or impact when levers are released
  • Includes reversible 1/4" & 3/8" spigot, suitable for most flashes
  • 3 section stand packs down to a portable size of 1m
  • Load Capacity of a maximum of 8kg

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