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The JJC FDA-SFH6 Strip Film Holder can hold a strip of six negatives on 35mm film, which is compatible with the JJC FDA-LED1 LED Light Set for Negative Copying, JJC FDA-K1 Film Digitizing Adapter Set, and JJC FDA-S1 Film Digitizing Adapter and LED Light Set. It is also compatible with Nikon ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter.

The holder can be used when copying a negative. There are 2 slots on the top of the holder for easily opening and closing the holder. Besides that, the holder is made of quality ABS material, sturdy and durable. 


  • For JJC FDA-LED1, FDA-K1, and FDA-S1
  • Also for Nikon ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter
  • Holds a strip of six negatives on 35mm film

* Use caution to avoid catching your fingers in moving parts.
* Be sure that the film is correctly placed in the strip film holder, otherwise closing the holder could damage the film.
* If the film has curled or is placed at an angle in the holder, parts of the photograph may not be in focus.
* After positioning the film, remove dust and lint with an air blower.


  • Material: ABS
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 275*52*4.7mm

Kit Includes

  • Strip Film Holder x 1

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Negative Film Strip Holder - 35mm


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  • Holds 6 Negatives
  • 35mm Film

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