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This 3-folded umbrella is a compact / cost-effective way to modify light in a studio lighting kit. Umbrellas allow you to easily reflect, diffuse and soften your otherwise sharp, intense light sources, resulting in beautiful washes of light over your subjects, enhancing your production quality. Distance from the light source is variable and storage is compact with an extendable/retractable center rod.


  • 3-Folded style photographic umbrella
  • this translucent umbrella is perfect for shoot-through diffusion
  • also available in Black/White, Black/Silver, Translucent and Detachable styles, all 36’’ in diameter.
  • Diameter: 91.5cm (36")
  • Folded Length: 39cm (15.5")
  • Extended Length: 65cm (25.5")

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3 Fold Umbrella Translucent 36"



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