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The Godox Dome Diffuser for Round Head Flash Heads provides a 180-degree soft quality of light. The Dome fits the round head V1 directly and the AD200 and AD200 Pro using the separately-purchased H200R adapter. It also fits the TT685, v850/v860 series of speedlight using the optional SR-1 round head adapter.


  • Fits V1 flash Directly and TT685/v850/v860 series flash with Adapter
  • Fits AD200 & AD200 Pro w/ H200R Adapter
  • Magnetic Connection

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AK-R11 Godox Dome Diffuser for V1 Round Head Flash


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  • Fits V1 flash Directly, v850/v860ii/v860iii and TT685 flash with S-R1 Adapter
  • Fits AD200 & AD200 Pro w/ H200R Adapter

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