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Getting the highest performance and the longest life from rechargeable batteries depends largely on the quality of the battery charger. Many chargers use a timer to stop the charge cycle, often leading to over charging and shortened battery life. The Powerex smart chargers that uses an intelligent microprocessor to analyze the charge and end it when the battery is fully charged to maximize the lifetime of the battery. 

The Maha Powerex One Hour Conditioning Travel Charger is the perfect charger for any traveller. Keep your batteries charged and your gadgets working in any country and don't worry about the voltage. As long as you have the appropriate plug converter, the charger voltage is compatible. 



  • recharge 2 AA or 2 AAA batteries in 1 hour,  4 AA / AAA batteries in 2 hours
  • two independent banks means you can charge two different sets of two rechargeable batteries, either AA or AAA
  • 5th generation Powerex microprocessor four stage charging process: Ramp-up, Rapid Charging, Top-off charging, Maintenance Charging
  • battery conditioning revives dead rechargeable batteries and keeps yours lasting longer.
  • Maha offer a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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Powerex One Hour Conditioning Travel Charger


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