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This barn door accessory set comes with gels and Honeycomb grid. These gels have metal frames for longevity. It will fit most standard reflectors on most studio flash lights Barndoors narrow the beam spread of a light source. They shape your lighting by either placing light in a specific area, or by keeping it away.

The honeycomb grid narrows the light spread, offering greater control and a controllable “feather” to the light. It is excellent as a hair light, it can be used as a rim light to separate your subject from the background giving a 3D effect.

Use these gels to change the color or the softness of the light they can be used on your subject or the background increasing its fidelity and saturation. Snoots, Barndoors and Honeycomb Grids are essential accessories for studio lighting systems. They alter the shape, intensity and color of your light from your flash heads.

Giving your photography a new dimension.


- 150mm Barn door Frame and hinged barndoors

- Honeycomb Grid

- Gel set inc red/yellow/blue and white diffuser

- Fits a 7inch Light reflector

- 10 day money back guarantee

- 1 year warrantee against manufacturers defects

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Barndoor Accessory set plus Gels and Honeycomb


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