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Neutral Density or ND filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera without effecting colour balance.

Useful for lowering your shutter speed in bright conditions to show movement. 
The ND filter also allows you to get more depth of field by stopping down your aperture. 
Effectively this gives you more control over shutter speed and aperture in turn giving you more control of your photography.

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  • FINEST QUALITY “JAPANESE” OPTICAL GLASS - Ground and polished to optimum thinness to give you the least possible distortion Heat-treated to minimize focal shift. 
    Each filter is subject to strict tests in order to ensure a flawless even surface. 
  • DIGITAL MULTI COATING - Increases fidelity of image by reducing lens flare and increases contrast -giving crisp clean images 
  • BLACK ALMITE - Black matte aluminium Satin finish almite reduces reflections 
  • BLACK RIMMED GLASS - Black rimmed glass reduces light reflection around the filter edge 
    LOW PROFILE FRAME - Ultra-thin frames avoid vignetting on lenses especially wide angle. Yet still able to retain a lens cap 
  • KNURLED FRAME EDGES - For easy attachment and removal 
  • UV PROTECTED CASES - Cases are UV protected to further lengthen the life of the filters Glass thickness 2.5 mm Frame thickness 3 mm.


  • Ultra thin glass: 1 mm
  • Filter frame: 3mm 
  • Japanese made optical glass 
  • Anodized aluminum metal housing 
  • Front thread to accept other filters


  • Sizes: 55mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm

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