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Studio flash and video Lighting by the professionals

HL 1000 video lights are a step up from their little brother the QL 1000s They have higher grade circuitry and a safety/diffusion dome which protects from fire in the case of bulb explosion and also gives the bulb a longer life by protecting it from the elements and softens and spreads light evenly when using light shapers such as soft boxes etc.

This continuous light is variable quartz halogen and is ideal for videography and still photography. So if you want a systems lighting setup more versatile than red heads this is a great choice.


  • Soft glass safety diffuser dome
  • Overheat protection ThermoLimit 90 degrees
  • Easy to read LED power display
  • Quiet running fan
  • 200-240 V 50hz
  • 3200 K
  • 1/16 to Full Continuous
  • Mini Fan (built in) Two grade regulations
  • Industry Standard Bowens fit
  • Bulb BaseG-6.35 two pins
  • Dimensions: 136mm x 127mm x 100mm
  • Light Weight: 1.2kg
  • Light power 500W-1000W


  • Light Stand
  • Heat resistant softboxes 60x90cm
  • Reflective umbrella
  • Reflector cover
  • Spare bulb

This light is also available in sets.

IMPORTANT - Safety First!

  • Video lights run HOT. So always be aware of the inherent fire and injury risk from hot bulbs / hot casings.
  • Never install bulbs with your fingers touching glass; this can cause a "bulb explosion" at a later stage
  • Eliminate tripping hazards by taping down wires. An upset video light can set fire to carpets etc
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher around


Halogen bulbs run HOT and can be very fragile. Extend the life of your bulbs by:

  • installing bulbs without skin to glass contact
  • having dimmer switch on low when turning on light initially
  • avoiding humidity
  • avoiding vibrations / jolting
  • avoiding electrical fluctuations

Due to the nature of video bulbs, warranty does not cover these items or any subsequent damage caused by bulbs blowing.

We are NZ's Official Distributor, and we have an on-site technician available.

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HL1000 Video Light


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