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Yongnuo YN360 II Handheld Pro LED Video Light 3200-5500 RGB Light Wand equipped with built-in battery. It adopts high quality battery with super capacity of 5200mAh. It just takes 80 minutes for the battery to reach 80% capacity on quick charge mode. The light source adopts RGB full color patch lamps and two color temperature lamp bulbs, which allows you choose the color as needed.
You can also download the official APP which makes it very easy to control the light from your phone. 
  • Full colour RGB, you can choose the color as needed through the APP, or you can adjust manually to create your unique color. 
  • 320 high quality LED bulbs
  • Internal battery with super capacity and long duration 
  • Up to 2 hours usage at highest brightness of 3200k & 5500k color temperature, or for 4 hours at highest brightness in RGB full color pattern. 
  • Simple operation using one key to switch to the mode you need.
Supports external DC power supply for extended use, the applied voltage is: 12V 2A (do not use the laptop power supply).
  • Color temperature: 3200k - 5500K and RGB full color 
  • Color rendering index: Greater than or equal to 95
  • Mobile phone APP remote distance: Less than 15meters
  • Power: 19W and 8W          
  • Lumen value: 2560LM and 494LM
  • Weight: 1134g
  • Illumination Angle: 55 degrees and 110 degrees
  • Built-in Battery: Samsung 18650 lithium batteries
  • External DC power supply: 12V 2A DC power supply
  • Dimension: 595 x 115 x 50mm
(Note: this product only supports the phone APP remote control, does not supports the 2.4 G wireless remote control)

Kit Includes

  •  1x Yongnuo YN360 II RGB Light Wand

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Yongnuo YN360 II Handheld RGB LED Light Wand


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