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Continuous light set 1080w - 6000W equiv

If you are after a powerful and economical fluorescent light set up to shoot anything from products to portraits, this constant fluorescent lighting kit will provide you everything you need to get you up and running. This kit is suitable for professionals as well as entry level photographers and videographers.

Constant lights are easy to use, you will be able to see the quality and effect of light immediately.

The bulbs included are both long lasting and are relatively cool to the touch. The softboxes also have ventilation windows.

- Softboxes have ventilation windows
- Rectangular softboxes that allow using in either horizontal or vertical configurations to suit individual subjects
- Each light head has four bulbs, equivalent to 3000w
- Bulbs are long lasting, low energy consumption, and have overload protection
- Two channel switches allow use of four or two lights at a time
- Swivel head mount
- Built in fuse
- Heavy duty light stand

TWO light package
- 4 bulb continuous light head (x2)
- 5400K 150w bulbs (x8)
- Softbox 50x70cm (x2)
- 2m heavy duty light stand (x2)


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Continuous Lighting Set (6000W) with 2 Lights + Vented Softboxes


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