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This continuous studio light will quadruple your output giving you more depth of field and more light to work with thus making focusing easier. The bulb can be increased from the standard 35W to give even more output and versatility. Provides a viable alternative to studio flash.



  • Quadruples light output
  • WYSIWYG What you see is what you get lighting
  • More depth of field /depth of focus
  • Used with continuous bulbs 5500 K can be easily mixed with daylight
  • Comes with 4 x 35W bulbs standard 
  • Fitted with a standard E27 screw base for any Screw-in 240 volt AC socket.
  • Can fit 35W bulbs or screw in flash if necessary
  • 16" reflector
  • Comes with diffusion cap to soften the light if necessary

Set includes

  • 2 x continuous cool light (16" reflector )
  • 2 x diffusion cap
  • 8 x 35w bulb
  • 2 x light stand 2m 

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Continuous Lighting Set (1400W) with 2 Lights + Reflectors + Diffusers


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