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This Continuous cool light lamp holder set gives you the versatility of power and softness to your lights as required. With the optional adapter you can put on 4 lights at once and increase the power if desired.


  • E27 Bulb Holder Screw fit 
  • 50 x70cm Softbox 
  • Folds flat in one easy movement just like an umbrella 
  • Front diffuser that is attached by velcro so this unit so can be used with/without the diffuser 
  • Folds away for storage and transportation

Softbox 50*70cm with socket E27 set x1 includes

  • 1 x Softbox 50*70cm with socket E27 50*70CM
  • 1 x 4 bulbs head adapter
  • 1 x light stand 2m
  • 4 x 35w bulb

For more information on the Softbox E27 Lamp Holder (softbox only), please click here

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Continuous Lighting Set (700W) with Lamp Holder + Softboxes


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