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The Viltrox VT 162 LED Video Light is a feature-packed compact and versatile lighting solution for Video Calls, DSLR, DV Cam Videographers and Photographers. Perfect for lighting up faces for video situations. It gives bright light with a long throw. Colour temperature is variable and can be adjusted within a range from 3500k - 5500k.  Able to fit perfectly behind either a laptop or desktop setup bring your video calls up to a new standard of lighting.


  • Variable Colour Temperature dial allows adjustments from 3500k-5500k
  • LEDs are machine inserted onto circuit boards which makes these more reliable than other hand inserted LEDs
  • Filters have magnetic inserts for fast attachment
  • Low power consumption (Only 9w)
  • Optional Lithium-Ion battery means even longer life
  • Package Includes Diffuser and warmup/colour correction filter
  • Can be powered by 5x AA or 1x NPF battery
  • Robust build quality


  • 162 Bright LEDs
  • Adjustable colour temperature from 3500k - 5500k
  • Can use 5 AA batteries, or 1x NP-F550 battery for power (not included) or AC cable to the wall
  • 60 minutes continuous running time (when running on AA)

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Viltrox 162 LED Video Light
  • 1 x Diffuser Panel
  • 1 x Tungsten Panel
  • 1 x AC Power Cable
  • 1 x Stand Adapter
  • 1 x Table Top Stand

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Viltrox Video LED Tabletop Set



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Main Features

  • Please note : Light uses AA batteries and AC Power. Does not use NPF batteries.
  • Perfect for Video Calls
  • Great for filling in shadows on faces
  • Variable Colour Temperature dial allows adjustments from 3500k-5500k
  • Filters have magnetic inserts for fast attachment
  • Can run off AC power, NPF batteries or AA batteries (x5)

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