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For ease and convenience in your studio, this ceiling rail system is ideal.

Two fitted ceiling rails plus three moving rails and four pantograph units give the ultimate in flash head mobility and function. Combine this studio flash ceiling rail system with our remote flash trigger system and you'll never trip over a flash or flash cord again. Have complete control of light placement, height and angle by simply moving the light to where you want it. The four pantographs are sturdy and strong enough to carry even the largest of studio flash heads with a load capability of fifteen kilograms each.

Once you have used one of these light support rail systems you'll never go back, a must in a busy working studio environment.

Features / Specs
- 2 fitted ceiling rails + 3 moving rails, all rails 3m in length 
- 4 pantographs, max load 15Kg each
- when mounted, drop from ceiling to light fitting spigot is approx. 550mm

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Studio Flash Ceiling Rail System


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