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This background roller support system enables you to take two backdrops/backgrounds anywhere or erect them in your own studio when needed.

These make your studios portable and efficient and add that professional touch to your location shooting.

You can use these with paper backgrounds or you can roll up our Muslin backgrounds on to 50mm PVC or alloy pipe. Great for greenscreen or bluescreen chroma key combination, or high key, low key combination (black and white backgrounds).

* Mounts on light stand for location shooting or for your own studio use (wall mounting)

* Counter-balanced chain and gear assembly makes raising and lowering your backgrounds quick and easy.

Support System Set includes:

- 2x support stands heavy duty

- 1x pair of double brackets

- 2x pairs of roller and chain kits

Please note:

This unit does not come with a backdrop,we have a great range of backdrop choices available.


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Background Support System Set: Double Brackets (Holds 2) + Roller & Chain + Stand


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