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These paper rolls / backdrops / backgrounds are designed with studio lighting applications in mind – we also supply a variety of other colours and background support systems.


- Quality & Longevity: Often non-branded papers (especially white) can take on a yellow tint with age making them unusable after a relatively short time. Cheaper non branded papers often turn out to be a false economy that deteriorate faster out of the packet.

- Savage is a Mature Background Paper: 
Specifically designed for photo/video work and as such isn't subject to the same degree of fading / creasing / puckering / deterioration as cheaper non-branded papers.

Features / Specs

  • No wrinkles, Gets dirty – roll out some more
  • 2.72m width x 11m length (107inchs x 12yards) 
  • Reversible
  • Require special colours – let us know
  • Diameter (tube): 50mm
  • Diameter (tube + paper): 82mm
  • Paper Density: 145GSM
Useful tips
  • When combined with our roller background system provides rapid access.
  • Do not leave paper roll rolled out after usage. Especially in environments where temperature and moisture level are not controlled as this can cause "puckering".
  • After use, roll tightly and tape. This will stop moisture getting into the roll. 
  • Unless being used in conjunction with aluminum tubes, store rolls vertically when not in use. As Aluminum tubes prolong the period of time paper rolls can be stored horizontally. 

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What are the dimensions of the paper rolls?
Full size is 2.8 meters wide with 11 meters of paper. Half size is 1.36 meters wide with 11 meters of paper.
Do you have a portable support system for paper?
Yes, we have a heavy duty support system.
If I want to mount the paper roll on the wall, do I need to use an aluminium tube?
Yes, we recommend using a aluminium tube to support the roll and to prevent it from bending in the middle.
Can I roll the paper on to an aluminium tube?
Yes, you can. Adhere one end to the aluminium tube and gently and carefully roll the paper on to the tube for a permanent solution.

SAVAGE Paper Backdrop Roll - 05 Ultramarine


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