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This is the ultimate professional charger for any photographer and videographer who are dependent on high performance rechargeable batteries and a high performance reliable charger. The MH-C808M is designed for today's ultra high capacity AA, AAA, C & D batteries with rapid charging current. The impressive Fast-Charge mode allows a total of eight batteries to be charged within one hour. Or if you want to maximise your batteries life, the Soft-Charge mode completes a full charge in two hours and allows for 100% compatibility with older and lower capacity batteries. To top it all of, and give your batteries the maximum rejuvenation, the Powerex Pro 8 cell charger is equipped with a battery conditioning feature which will charge, deep-discharge and recharge your batteries automatically.


  • The MH-C808M-A Charger will cater for all your battery needs and is packed with advanced features that will change the way you recharge you batteries:
  • It features a comprehensive LCD display with white backlight which displays the charging status for each battery independently
  • A simply rugged build with no springs-loaded contacts: which enhances the product reliability
  • It also feats a rugged DIN power connector, usually only found in professional products
  • The premium feature is the option to recharge your batteries with Soft-Charge or Fast Charge
  • The Soft-Charge will deliver the highest battery life and allows 100% compatibility with older lower capacity batteries, in around two hours.
  • Fast-Charge allows eight batteries to be fully charged in one hour.
  • The precision microprocessor controls the entire recharging process and ensures that your batteries are recharged correctly every time.
  • No over charge and no under change, but just the right charge for maximum battery life.


  • Industrial Strength Heavy Duty Fibreglass Circuit Board: super quality design and fully factory tested
  • Supported Batteries: 1 to 8 AA / AAA NiMH or NiCD Re-chargeable's
  • Capable of charging any brand or capacity of rechargeable batteries, even higher capacity batteries of the future
  • Power Source: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Suitable for use in any country.
  • Automatic battery detection and recovery system
  • Fast Charge Current: 2000mA (AA), 700mA (AAA)
  • Soft Charge Current: 1000mA (AA), 350mA (AAA)
  • conditioning discharge current: 250mA
  • MH-C801D Battery Charger Unit dimensions: 195mm (L) x 91mm (W) x 46mm (H)
  • battery Charger unit weight: 252g
  • AC Adapter Unit Dimensions: 133mm (L) x 58mm (W) x 31mm (H)
  • AC Adapter weight: 308g
  • Maha offer a 3 year manufacturer's warranty

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Maha Powerex Pro 8 Cell Charger - MH-C808M-A


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